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About Alanatravels

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I have extensively traveled much of Asia on my own with the help of a Lonely Planet and a local map. After visiting various countries throughout Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa I vouch for solo travel.

Alanatravels embraces the top travel destinations in the world in hopes that the curious traveler will choose to take a journey as well even if that means solo.

This travel blog is dedicated to those who live (or want) a life filled with wanderlust. Travel for me has become my heartbeat. It’s something that has expanded my worldview and has allowed me to experience a variety of beautiful of sights, people, adventures, and foods.  With more than 60+ countries visited I hope to encourage you to explore more of the unbeaten path and to follow your heart into your journey of travel and self discovery.

When I travel I want to immerse myself in something that makes me full of joy and excitement. It is the most simplest things that amuse me when I travel. That can mean sitting in a local cafe and people watching as I enjoy a cappuccino for hours. Hearing beautiful music while wandering Old Town in Tallin last summer was mesmorizing. Tasting exotic dishes from the food stalls in Shilin Market in Taipei is place I can easily get lost in for hours. Sinking into the hot springs in Yangminshan National Park near Taipei is super relaxing. Getting lost in the colors of local fruits in Baguio Market. These are just a sprinkling of my experiences around the world and I hope to inspire you to live your best life creating new meaning and moments.

I am constantly asked what my favorite place is.

The Philippines hands down my favorite travel destination. Why? Because where in the world can you ride a super jazzed out jeepney for a few cents to get from one place to  the other. Compared to many Asian destinations the Philippines is super cheap to travel around. Heck, for about $10 you can take an overnight bus reaching Banaue; a heavenly land where the most rice terraces exist. The cost of living, dining, and traveling is very cheap compared to Western standards. In the Philippines you are constantly greeted in stores, restaurants, massage parlors, malls with “Hello Ma’m/Hello Sir”. Filipinos are very kind and inviting people. They are very helpful and in my experience, honest. As overwhelming as Manila is you can easily escape to beautiful island destinations such as Bohol, Borocay, Coron, and Palawan by a short one hour flight away. Sinking in a warm bowl of garlic rice with a bowl of lomi makes my tummy very happy. The Philippines is place that rich with history, tradition, and a mega huge #foodie culture.


Korean meal in Insadong, Seoul


Isafjordur, Iceland


Hinagdanan Caves , Bohol (Philippines)


Viewing an elephant off the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia