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Dear Norway, you’re beautiful!

In my opinion, the best way to wrap up a long contract on the high seas is to a place where you can completely lose yourself in nature, get off the ship alone but not feel alone, and get lost on a path that leads you to waterfalls. There is no better way to conclude that time in any other place but in Norway.

I’ll tell you why.

The endless weeks after weeks that turn into months on end in the Caribbean filled with sun filled beach days drinking cocktails on the sand with your eye on the clock to get back to the ship can sometimes feel daunting (I’m not complaining even though it might sound like it). It’s great to visit the Caribbean but honestly not to ever live there. It’s great to visit but it gives me perspective on what I need in my daily life on land to be happy and not many checks are marked off in places like St. Kitts or Antigua (even though there’s nothing wrong with these places). Some ports you begin to favor and enjoy more than others sticking to your favorite go to restaurant joints as a system of finding comfort away from home like how I visit Tamarind in St.Kitts because I need my Indian fix.


Once our ship began the transatlantic crossing en route to Lisbon it all became smooth sailing. With long days at sea the reward became closer and closer. At night after a long day at my desk and a glass a wine later I would put my head down on my pillow to dream about the Portuguese tarts and warm cappuccinos waiting for me. Eventually once we reached Lisbon I enjoyed an entire “me afternoon” with those two things plus a little shopping to follow. Norway was next.

I did the same itinerary last year so there wasn’t a ton of suspense as Bergen, Alesund, Flam, Stavenger, and Geiranger were all on the itinerary but I couldn’t wait to come back to my favorite spots, cafes, parks, and fresh air!

waffles in Norway
Waffles in Flam

For any crew member who gets the chance to go to Norway take the first offer that comes your way. Why? Because there is no place like Norway in the world. Maybe New Zealand a little bit, but still. Cruising through the majestic fjords truly took my breath away. It was nothing but glorious. The cold fresh air and snow covered mountains left me speechless. Late sunsets at night took my breath way. I was glad to be far from the Caribbean and back into a magical land covered in snow where I could eat fresh waffles at a top of a mountain in Flam in slow motion. I don’t know many other experiences more magical than that. Truly.

The time I spent off the ship in Norway eased my exhaustion, worry, and mindless thoughts my thinking does to me from time to time. It’s the end of contract exhaustion I’m talking about. Where seven months of your life have been compacted into a small cabin, you have seen so many friends come and go, a few tears, lots of smiles, but you’re just ready to go home and cuddle with your dog and sleep forever.

Immersing myself in nature was just what my mind and body needed. After eating yummy Vietnamese food at the Zen Cafe in Bergen Jayson and I walked through a beautiful park to see flowers in full bloom. We were both equally surprised to see such greenery come to life and how multi cultural Bergen was as the second largest city in Norway. There were so my families from all over the world who seemed to be locals (speaking the language). I’m talking Chinese, middle east, Indian, and so on in Bergen. Super cool! I kind of lost myself in the local park at the greenery and spacious paths. It felt like time stood still a little bit and then I looked at the time and had to go back to work.


Thank you nature,  snow, fjords, yummy Vietnamese food, excellent coffee shops, and flowers Norway. It was wonderful. I can’t wait to meet you again.



For more information on how to get a job on a cruise ship check out Amanda’s guides here. Amanda at Get a Life at Sea has more than ten years of experiences working for a handful of cruise lines with a variety of job skills. She is the go to lady to talk to if you are serious about working on a cruise ship.

Crew members: Finding time to get off the ship

“Do you ever get to get off the ship?” This is just a snippet of the questions crew members are asked while working on the ship. If I wasn’t able to get off the ship and explore these amazing ports of call I would most definitely not be working on a cruise ship at all. And do I live on the cruise ship? All crew live on the cruise ship, together.


Perks of being a crew member:

One of the coolest things crew members get to experience are the ports of call and to take tours all over the world when we’re not working. Depending on the position you have on board this will be the deciding factor for the length of time you have off. If you are a stateroom attendant or cleaner then your time will be a bit limited. If you are working in the casino you will be able to enjoy more time in port due to the fact that the casinos close when the ship is docked. Even activity hosts and dancers can enjoy more of the ports because shows and game shows are not scheduled while the ship is in port. It’s in the evening that the entertainment is picked up and schedules become bombarded with production shows in the theater, guest entertainers, and happenings around the ship.

Batu Caves, KL


Getting off the ship:
Depending on the job you have on board your time off the ship will differ from other crew members. As a youth staff counselor we have rotating schedules and everyday we work different hours. I like this very much. We have different roles we fulfill on the ship from assisting guests around the ship to handing out tender tickets when the waters are too shallow to dock in port there are various duties we do on the ship. With that said everyday is a different work schedule, a different port, and different duties. I like this change and rotation. It keeps me on my toes.
Keep in mind that the amount of time you get off the ship differs between departments. Enjoy your time wisely. Double check the time that crew need to be back on board. I have known two people who missed their ship! If you plan your time off the ship you can see so much! Across all cruise lines the housekeeping department works very long hours especially in port and have very limited time off. Know that depending on your department you work on the ship you will work various hours. For me, my hours fluctuate from day to day and I love it that way.
Breathtaking Villefrance

Sometimes I have those days where I just want wifi to connect with friends all over the world, check in with emails while drinking a latte wherever that place may be. I may have a nice break from work but I don’t have the energy to go sightseeing. If I get off at every single  port my body cannot keep up with taking tours and spending hours sightseeing. You are bound to slowly overexaust yourself leading you to get rundown and catch a cold. Been there done that!

To sum it all up:

The experiences that we take back with us are ours forever. From Cinque Terre (Italy)to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) to swimming in the clear crystal waters of Bora Bora (French Polynesia) to rainforests in Costa Rica (Puerto Limon) I have taken these opportunities to discover more of this beautiful world with my free time. After three years of working on a cruise ship I can tell you that the world is truly majestic and full of more treasures than I ever thought possible.

I am so blessed for the lessons I have learned, the friendships I have made, the places that fill me up with wanderlust, the delicious foods I have been able to try and the opportunities that I have on board to grow and develop my skills. Until I feel #done with #shiplife I am going to continue falling in love with exploring the world.

For more information about #shiplife you can watch my videos here.