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Oceania and beyond: Isle of Pines



The more beaches I have the opportunity around the world to visit the more over development I see with my own eyes.

From the islands around the Caribbean such as Aruba and St. Maarten to Bali and Borocay, as much as I adore these destinations I still crave to soak in a piece of paradise that doesn’t have a lot of traffic and remnants from tourists. But if anyone were to ask me the best spot in the world for the best beach it would have to be Isle of Pines in New Caledonia. Off the southeast coast of Australia (about two sea days away) lies  the island nation of New Caledonia. French speaking New Caledonia offers breathtaking beaches around the island as well as smaller islands off the coast such is Lifou (the Loyalty Islands). As New Caledonia is not a common or known destination to many travelers it can still be reached by many cruise ships including Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean and P&O. As it is a fairly difficult and expensive place to get to on your own a cruise ship would be the most suitable way to visit.

I visited Isle of Pines two years ago as my ship anchored into the bay. I truly felt swept away from society with a bit of curiously lingering. Truth be told I was blown away but the natural beauty, solitude, and the unsaturated footprints that tourists leave behind here. Pulling up to shore looking out the tender boat I witnessed a local man playing with a huge black and white striped water snake wrapped around a stick before letting it go into the sea. As my body cringed as it slipped away and began bobbing it’s head in and out of the surface I hoped I would never come face to face with one of those. With this sight leaving me feeling a bit queasy I began my journey exploring the wilderness of an island layered with towering pine trees lining the coast line sipping a young coconut.


With gentle breezes swaying back and forth I staked my claim on the sandy shore and sat back to take in what I thought was some kind of dream. Isle Of Pines is a place that is mostly unknown to many travelers based on its location in Oceania. If you do however find yourself in Australia or New Zealand or are thinking of cruising in that part of the world, make sure that Isle of Pines is on your itinerary. There is simply no place like it on our planet Earth. I cannot compare it to any Caribbean island or paradise that is similar in some parts of Southeast Asia. The beaches are untouched. The locals selling coconuts are just as curious about you as you are about this place created by the heavens. I am a huge lover and fanatic about Isle of Pines and I hope that one day you are too!