A visit to Provincetown


Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach

As a kid my childhood memories going away on vacation have always been up on Cape Cod. I can vividly remember climbing up the sand dunes and watching the seals come to the shore.  Warm bowls of clam chowder after a stroll through Commercial Street in Provincetown still fill my belly with nostalgia after all of these years.

With my boyfriend visiting me this summer from the Philippines I decided that I needed to make a quick decision getaway and I looked no further than the Cape. As vast of a land that the USA is we decided to stay close enough to Connecticut so that we could easily wander and have our own adventures but come back to rest and visit with family. A short drive up to Ptown was a quick solution to get away and enjoy all that it has to offer. There is no place like Cape Cod in the Philippines. Jayson was in for a surprise.

Once we began our road trip one of the first things Jayson mentioned was how wide our roads are compared to home and how badly Americans tailgate each other on the highway. “You’re too close,” still buzzes in my ear as a reminder that I am one of those Americans that drives just a little too close to my neighbor in front of me. Oops!

cape cod

With the start of our trip with less than lovely weather we enjoyed plenty of visits to the indoor heated pools for some laps, happy hour raw bar at Victor’s and of course dinner at the Lobster Pot. Seriously guys, you can’t go all the way up to the Cape without a visit to the Lobster Pot (as my dad always  says).

We booked an Airbnb right outside of Provincetown center on Commercial Street along the bayside. We were well equipped with a kitchenette, deck, and sweeping views of the bay not to mention access to an inground heated pool and jacuzzi for those dreaded cold and drizzly days we had at the beginning of the week. Being able to have access to a kitchen was the perfect opportunity to cook our own breakfasts while also saving money on eating out, and practice living together outside of “shiplife”. As much as I love enjoying local seafood bites my body doesn’t like all of the meals out.

Don’t miss out on the tip of the upper Cape where you can either ride your bike or drive up to Race Point beach to capture the stunning views of the sand dunes, miles of biking paths, seal watching, and sweeping waves.


One of the best things we did while up in the Cape was seal watching up at Race Point on the sand dunes. There was a huge group of seals playing in the waves and we caught a glimpse at the best spot in the right moment.

After a stroll through Commercial Street and a toasted almond latte later from the Wired Puppy we took a quickpeek at the jetty outside of Ptown. I was here two years ago with my family but thought it was an obvious place to to Jayson around. It gives you a nice perspective of the Cape outside of the crowds. I think he quite liked it.

The most fun we had was on our last day (and something I definitely recommend doing) when we rented bikes from the center of town and rode up to through the sand dunes visiting  Herring Cove and Race Point Beach. The weather held up quite nicely and we were basking in the sunshine riding through pine trees and stunning dunes.

One of our last stops on our bike ride

Of course as in life all good things must come to an end. You can’t be on vacation forever, right? After a relaxing and scenic four day stay we had to head back to Connecticut. One of our final stops was at Long Nook Beach where we caught in the massive waves and gently breezes.

Long Nook
Long Nook Sand Dunes, North Truro

One of the reasons why I like coming up to the Cape is because it is far from attractions, long lines to silly places such as amusement parks and the fact that it’s right in nature. Cape Cod is only a four hour drive west of where I live and it’s a place that is retreatful to return to time and time again. There are new restaurants that pop up and there are places that I enjoy to return to such as The Mayflower and the Lobster Pot on Commercial Street. There are foods up in the Cape that you can’t experience anyplace else. These are the treasures in life that we must reminded of that we can always return to.