20 Things I learned before I turned 30

It’s almost the big 3-0.  It’s kind of scary, it’s kind of not.. It’s time to embrace three decades of being on this planet called earth. Much has been learned. All experiences we face shape us into who we are today to be stronger, better, brighter, and happier.

Before setting out on my first journey abroad to South Africa nine years ago and then onto South Korea followed by a treasure trove of adventure, confusion, laughter, and fun this is the letter I would have written to myself.

  1. You are going to be given a dog (I know you don’t like dogs now but just wait) and her name will be Katie. Don’t worry, you will love her forever.

cavalier king charles

2. People change. Deal with it.

3. You don’t realize it now but writing in your journal is going to cause you a lot of laughter and confusion when you decide to read them over many years from now. Really think what you are writing about. Keep all your thoughts in your head. You don’t want anyone to read these antics.

4. Don’t compare your life to anybody else’s. What you see on Facebook might overwhelm you. You might think that you really don’t have your shit together right now, or still by looking at what “they” are doing,. Stop it now. Get off Facebook and go live your life.

5. You might not imagine it now but you are going to work on a cruise ship. No really. I know you can’t imagine it now but get those sea sickness tablets ready.

6. Keep life simple. Don’t over complicate things. Always stick with simplicity.

7. The end of a relationship is not the end of your life. When you find out why it didn’t work out you might be shocked but nonetheless you will be better because it’s over. They end for a reason. MOVE ON.

8. Don’t follow the crowd. It’s ok to be different. You might feel like an outsider from time to time but that’s because you are a happy loner. It’s more comfortable to follow what you feel is right.

9. Time is very precious. Fill your time with what you love. Even if that means studying maps and watching Samantha Brown for days.

10. Stay in the moment. Try not to plan too far out in advance.

11. Don’t assume. There is nothing wrong with being direct and no, it’s called being outspoken.

12. Friends are people who make the effort to keep in touch, reach out, and are there for you in the good and not so good times. Don’t waste your time worrying about those who are no longer in your life. Fill your time with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Vatos Tacos

13. You are easily deceived but don’t let that stop you from learning from your perceptions and move forward from those mistakes.

14.  You will really miss the life you had in Korea but you will forever stay in touch with those who touched you. Never lose contact with them. You are always welcome back to visit.

15. Treasure the time you have with your grandparents.

16. Worry less about your future and focus on the present and how you are manifesting greatness into your future.

17. There is always something new to learn. Don’t focus on just one thing. Open your mind to the many avenues that may arise to new opportunities.

18. Inspire others to live a great life. That might be through a story, opportunity, or a smile. Think about others often.

19. Don’t be small minded. Focus on the greatness of the big picture. Imagine your darkest day. The biggest trial you faced. It’s called adversity. It’s how you grow and learn to move on.

20. Your health is the most important thing you have. Feed your body well. Practice mindfulness and patience.